How to Make Fine Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Ring More Durable

The center of this little cuff replica van cleef & arpels ring showcases a vibrant mixture of colors and bead varieties. Three separate coils of memory wire are cleverly joined at the sides with two separate three-hole spacers. The wire tension makes the ring adjustable and holds it firmly in place around your wrist.

replica van cleef & arpels ring

replica van cleef & arpels ring

one • Allow the memory wire to coil around your wrist one time and cut a piece to fit. Cut two more pieces to the same length. Shape a loop at one end of each of the wires using round-nose pliers. Squeeze the loop flat with chain-nose pliers.

two • Thread one small seed bead followed by 15 Japanese seed replica van cleef & arpels jewelry beads onto one of the wires, and then one peridot E bead. Thread the wire through the first hole in a three-hole spacer.

three • String about one half of the total length of the memory wire with colorful glass beads, including one or a few turquoise miracle beads. Slide the wire through the first hole in a second three-hole spacer. String step two in reverse (peridot, 15 Japanese seed beads, one turquoise seed bead). Fold over the end of the memory wire as in step one.

four • String about one fourth of the second piece of memory wire with turquoise Japanese seed beads and one peridot E bead. Slide the wire through the second hole in the first spacer on the beaded piece of memory wire.

five • Continue to replica van cleef & arpels necklace beads each piece of memory wire just as you beaded the first piece. Slide each second and third holes the first quarter and after beading the center. Finish beading all the memory wire pieces and turn a small loop in the end of each one with round-nose and chain-nose pliers to finish.