Love should be equal

What do you think of the love should be? protestations and vows? Or everyday constant transformation of flowers and fake Van cleef & arpels clover necklace gifts? Or the daily greetings with sweet words? Everyone is not the same as the interpretation of love. But the most basic standard of love should be equal, In the heart of equality and mutual respect is the basis for a relationship to be able to go on.

Equality is not a material equality, but is Psychological really regard each other as a person on an equal footing with their own. Pay should not be asking for anything, because if you don’t get the expected return will make themselves more hurt, so it should pay their own are willing to pay, should not be imposed on all barely to each other.

For compensatory gifts with fake bvlgari necklace, this should not be called love. Because the starting point on inequality. Equality of love can go further longer. Equality is not fair, in the world of love, there is no fair. Not to say how much you love each other it is necessary to love you. Sometimes you have to pay, you pay finally found the object that he did not care about you pay.

When a man love you, What is he to love you? A bunch of flowers every day? Every jewelry in the festival? Or just talking about it every time? The person who is really good to you is never just talk about it. he will show in every detail. If a person can use their sorely lacking something to love you, that is true love.

Hope love to be a good thing no pain. But life always go through a lot of pain in order to be happy. Every girl’s life there is a person willing to exhausting all love you, this man is the father. Maybe someone loves you, willing to you in every matter, are willing to buy expensive replica dior sunglasses for you, but few people are willing to exhausting all to love you forever. So the girls are not going to find the man, But when you see yourself as a treasure. The love of others are virtual, and only your love for yourself is real.

China’s law relationship

Mother-and daughter relationship should be of any country have things, but in China, this issue has become the mainstream of social problems, why? Which with China’s traditional thought has a great relationship. Some parents may not be willing to buy a little fake van cleef alhambra jewelry, but they can come up with a lifetime savings to buy a house for his son.

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Once accepted the gift of the parents’ house, the relationship between the two parties on major changes. Parents may be the first to say that they don’t ask for anything in return, when saying it was from the heart. But in real life which will inevitably come up sometimes, as long as a reference with money-related things, Son and daughter will inevitably be psychologically vulnerable. If the parents ask for live together, then put forward, even if not willing to, the young husband and wife did not dare to raise objections.

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Just live together, because of differences with the habits of thought, conflicts will continue to emerge. The elderly are more frugal, to see his wife and to buy clothes and buy Cheap Bvlgari Jewelry, You shouldn’t waste. Young wife love to dress is human nature, so long continues, the contradictions piled deep, and finally broke out the family war.

Maybe some parents do not live together with young people. But after young couples giving birth to a child need the help of parents, this time two generations will have to live together, but because the concept of child-rearing is not the same, or can be developed a lot of contradictions, young parents have to rely on the help of parents, a lot of things can give way, which is a potential threat to family conflicts.

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Sometimes law relationship is because son’s wife will always pay attention to her family, and her mother-in-law led to think you do not care about this family, derived easily go wrong. If you buy replica cartier jewelry for your mother and also to buy a similar gift to your mother-in-law, both to please the joy of mother-in-law but also to please your mother’s favor. In fact, a relationship requires careful any intentions of business, as long as you pay, there will be rewards.