Replica jewelry could also satisfy Man’s Vanity

In Maupassant ‘s Necklace, the civil servant’s vain wife suffered a lot for ten years in order to make compensation for a fake Cartier necklace.
…. Vanity is not women’s privilege, in fact, men is even vainer than women Women’s vanity is superficial A piece of necklace can suffice it Nevertheless, men’s vanity is rooted inside He may not be outraged by others’ same clothing as him; however, he will keep a close eye on his position and already be ready to step into a higher status, owing more power. In stead of “vanity” which men look down upon, they prefer to use “ambition” which is loftier.

In Stendhal’s masterpiece “The Red and The Black”, the narrator Julien’s history of striving for success epitomize men’s vanity at different kinds of versions. A man of vanity is afraid of being regarded as “useless” or “unsuccessful”. Thus, in order to prove himself, he may purchase fancy cars, Swiss watches splendid mansion, and private yacht and so on. None of them is easier to obtain than women’s Van cleef clover necklaces.
In consumer society, vanity is of great encouragement. Everyone, to some extent, is vain, more or less, unless we still in live in stark undeveloped are or in the primitive period. Nevertheless, it is of great danger if a man’s greed and vanity keeps expanding, he will lost himself, great sense of possession leading to sacrificing his health, crossing his principles even destroy himself.
Nonetheless, men’s vanity inspires them to gain wealth and success, which is a powerful motivation. Besides, men’s vanity is sort of harmless entertainment, at least. After a round of shooting the breeze, he obtains a sense of satisfaction, meeting man’s heroic image.

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